Lockheed Martin Space Operations Simulation Center

40,576 sq ft New Facility, Littleton, Colo.

The Space Operations Simulation Center (SOSC) is a high-tech building constructed to exact standards to meet Lockheed Martin’s one-of-a-kind testing environment. The facility will allow engineers to test spacecraft under simulated space conditions and was constructed on Waterton Canyon’s unique red rock formations. This foundation is ideal for precise testing and simulation of maneuvers such as spacecraft docking. Large, powerful lights have the ability to simulate full sunlight; however, when turned off the facility stands in complete darkness. Built on a fast-track schedule in 10 months, the project achieved LEED-Gold certification. SOSC was constructed directly adjacent to a Lockheed research building and has an enclosed walk-way connecting the two facilities.
Design by OZ Architecture
Images © Jackie Shumaker Photography