MET™ Pre-Construction

Providing MET™ pre-construction services tooled for accuracy.

FP’s MET™ pre-construction process is designed around the idea that the Owners should be able to prioritize how they want to spend their money. It is to this end that we have developed our proprietary and advanced collection of pre-construction tools intended to arm the Owner with the best information possible to be able to make the best decisions possible.
Model: We kick-off pre-construction with a Cost Model. The Cost Model is developed by breaking the project scope into key systems, then using input from subcontractors we create a high-end, mid-level, and economical option for each component of the project. We use the Cost Model as the springboard for our Cost Modeling Workshop.

The Cost Modeling Workshop is unique to Fransen Pittman. It is an intensive, day-long meeting including the Owner, Designers, and Contractors. Each line item will be discussed, challenged and vetted. This is a place for healthy dialogue between the people who are designing the project, the people who are building the project, and the people who are paying for the project to take place, and we are able to uncover the best option for every aspect of the project. The model will then act as the road-map for the rest of pre-construction. Essentially, the Cost Modeling Workshop unifies the team, gives the Owner control of the budget, preserves the design team’s vision, and eliminates weeks of potentially wasted efforts.

Estimate: At each milestone of design, FP will provide the Owner with an estimate. This estimate can be thought of as a snapshot in the development of the project. Our estimators will evaluate the current phase of design, inquire after subcontractor pricing, and anticipate allowances for the design to be completed. Each estimate will be presented as a complete deliverable and will confirm that the team is staying consistent with the decisions made during the Cost Modeling Workshop, as well as with changes implemented as the design evolves. In other words, maintaining Owner’s priorities and designer’s vision as the project develops.
Track: As the design evolves, Fransen Pittman will track every departure from the original Cost Model in our Trend Log and we will analyze each proposed departure from a cost, schedule, and quality perspective. These changes are approved or rejected by the Owner, but remain recorded as a permanent part of the Trend Log. The benefit of the Trend Log is threefold:
  1. Project cost is continually available to project team
  2. Decisions made at an earlier milestone may be revisited
  3. Project cost is reconciled from one milestone estimate to the next
Simply put, MET™ controls costs by eliminating the “roller coaster” ride that can be associated with traditional pre-construction practices. It is a process entirely unique to the Fransen Pittman pre-construction services.